CineGizmo introduces CineTakes Plugin for Adobe Premiere for easier takes and metadata collection during shoots using professional ARRI workflows with ARRI ALEXA Mini, Mini LF and AMIRA

CineGizmointroduces CineTakesPlugin for Adobe Premiere for easier takes and metadata collection during shoots using professional ARRI workflows with ARRI ALEXA Mini, Mini LF and AMIRA

Filmmakers now have an excellent plugin they can use to make post-production much easier. The CineTakes Plugin comes with powerful features like a voting system and voice recording markers

November 29th, 2019; Timisoara, Romania: CineGizmo announces its latest plugin:CineTakes Plugin for Adobe Premiere. The plugin is designed to facilitate the synchronization of the recorded take metadata on compatible ARRI cameras.

CineTakes Plugin for Adobe Premiere has the ability to automatically load all data,gathered on set byCineTakes for iOS, including takesmetadata, votes, markers, notes, voice markers, directly into Adobe Premiere. Users will be able to find the markers added on set directly in the Premiere sequence. For more info and to download the plugin, please visit: The plugin is also available on the Adobe Exchange.

CineTakes Plugin for Adobe Premiere comes with many powerful features that makes metadata collection and management much easier and facilitates a seamless workflow between the production and post-production teams. After using CineTakes onset, which collects all data automatically via wireless connection to the ARRI ALEXA Mini, Mini LF and AMIRA, the takes metadata will be accessible directly in Adobe Premiere. Not only that, but there is also a voting and filter system that allows the filtering of circled takes based on the votes that have been made on set. Reports can also be printed by accessing CineGizmo's cloud service here

It can sometimes be verytime consuming to reviewall takes during post; many filmmakers have dealt with this issue too often. The CineTakes Plugin brilliantly takes care of this issue by allowing votes for circled takes, markers, voice markers and notes made on set to be visible in the Adobe Premiere sequence during editing.

Script supervisors and other crew members involved in the process can make use of the powerful voice feature. All they need to do is say the word and it will be recorded for any take they want.

CineTakes Plugin for Adobe Premiere is a very useful and powerful plugin that delivers flexibility and functionality on film production sets; it is currently the only plugin on the market that offers such benefits.

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About CineGizmo:

CineGizmo is a film tech start-up based in Timisoara, Romania. We specialize on creatinginnovative and ground-breaking mobile, desktop, and cloud-based solutions for the professional film industry.

Our solutions control and integrate with selected ARRI cameras, sync with our cloud service and close the gap between the production team and the editing room by fully integrating with professional post-production pipelines.

CineControliOS - Controls the ARRI ALEXA MINI, MINI LF and AMIRA. Dedicated to Camera Assistants, Cameramen, Cinematographers, DITs etc.Download here.

CineTakesiOS - Records and creates custom metadata. Dedicated to Script Supervisors, Director Assistants, DITs, Producers, Directors, Editors etc.Download here.

CineGizmo Cloud - Creates take reports, helps facilitate the communication between production and post. Dedicated to script supervisors, post-production supervisor, director's assistants, editors,etc.Available online here.

CineTakes Adobe Premiere Plugin - Pulls metadata gathered using CineTakes iOS on set and synchronizes it with Adobe Premiere Pro. Offers the unique possibility to view markers, notes, listen to audio markers and filter circled takes by votes directly within Adobe Premiere Pro. Dedicated to post-production supervisors, script supervisors, editors etc. Download here.

CineTakes Adobe Premiere Plugin - Coming soon.

CineControl MultiCam - Coming soon.

CineTakes Pro for Mac OS - Coming Soon