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Takes & Metadata

The takes and corresponding metadata will be accessible directly in Adobe Premiere after you use CineTakes on the set.

Filter System

The list of takes offers a filtering option. You can filter video files according to the votes made on set.

Markers & Notes

While on set, one can add markers and notes in real-time. These will appear in your Adobe Premiere sequence.

Voice Feature

For those of you who don't have the time to write down markers, we offer the option to voice record them in CineTakes.



The CineTakes Adobe Premiere Plugin facilitates the synchronization of the recorded takes on a compatible ARRI camera with Adobe Premiere. This is possible by using CineGizmo Cloud, CineTakes iOS mobile application and of course CineTakes Plugin.

While using CineTakes app on set, one can rate/vote takes, make notes, create markers and even record voice markers. All of this information will be synchronized with our cloud and becomes accessible in the user's web account. Pretty cool, right? And we're not finished yet!

So all of your data is now uploaded into your own CineGizmo account and is accessible through the web browser, which is great but we wanted to take it a step further.
This is where our CineTakes Plugin for Adobe Premiere comes into action, it has the ability to load all of your data (takes, votes, markers, notes, voice markers) directly into Adobe Premiere. You can even find the markers added on set directly in the Premiere sequence!

The CineTakes Adobe Premiere Plugin only works if you are using CineTakes, which can be downloaded here.

This will soon be available publicly, for now, it is available by request only.