Remote controls for individual ARRI cameras with live grading. Create, modify, install, and manage LUTs.


Controlling and modifying the settings of your compatible Arri camera is just one simple tap away.


Use both color wheel and slider controls. Modify, save and share looks. Install new looks.

Record Takes

The Takes module lets you record takes and framegrabs, rate each take and make notes.


Playback allows you to remotely playback clips, view the corresponding take.


Key Features: add camera, edit metadata, control camera settings, playback, access and modify looks, record takes and framegrabs, cross-sync between the web and mobile apps.

CineControl for ARRI is the only full control mobile application available that gives you complete control over the most frequently used camera settings of your Arri camera, and it does so via a very simple and friendly UI. CineControl offers full control features for Alexa Mini and Amira. Check out the full features and compatibility list here.

Playback allows you to remotely playback takes without having to touch the camera, view the corresponding take, rate it and access the Takes module.

CineControl helps you monitor and control your Arri Alexa Mini and Amira efficiently even when it is placed on a crane, dolly, gimbal or in various tight spots like the interior of a car for example.

The Takes module lets you record takes and framegrabs, rate each take and insert notes. It syncs with our cloud service allowing the director, DOP, DIT and post crew to view your notes and rating anytime and anywhere.

The free version of CineControl lets you monitor your camera settings only. In order to have full control over the camera through the app, the full version must be activated via a valid subscription with CineGizmo.