CineTakes launches in Beta

CineTakes is our second mobile application from CineGizmo suite that goes live. Being a BETA version, as well as CineControl, for now, it is still free of charge.

How it works

CineTakes allows script supervisors to edit metadata and easily log takes in manual mode. It also allows taking or adding pictures from the Photos app for fast identification of each take.

Short Description

The compatibility with ARRI ALEXA Mini and Amira makes life on set much easier. Once connected to the camera the app will instantly log each take as the operator hits record and stop on the camera. Framegrabs can also be enabled from Settings, thus the app will take a framegrab for each take.

The Takes module also lets the user rate each take and input notes/comments related to each take. The takes sync with allowing the director, DOP, DIT and post crew to view your notes and rating anytime and anywhere.

The free version of CineControl lets you monitor your camera settings only. To have full control over the camera through the app the full version must be activated via a valid account with

To use CineTakes, the user is required to have a valid account with

Key Features

Metadata & Notes

Edit ALE format metadata. Common metadata will automatically be created for the next take. Enter notes.

Record Framegrabs

Enable framegrabs recording. The app will record one frame from the camera every-time REC Start is triggered.

Record Takes

Record takes and takes metadata. REC Start/Stop commands will be automatically detected by the app.


Sync all takes with instantly. Let the director, post supervisor or other crew access take data.


Check our website for more info and print screens.

Download from the App Store.