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By CineGizmo on Jan 31, 2020

CineGizmo introduces CineControl Multicam for iPad to help film professionals control several ARRI cameras on multicam productions. Compatible with ARRI ALEXA Mini, ALEXA Mini LF and AMIRA

Filmmakers now have a unique tool - CineControl Multicam for iPad - that helps monitor and control multiple ARRI cameras being used during Multicam productions .

January 31, 2020; Timisoara, Romania: CineGizmo announces its latest app - CineControl Multicam, which is designed to facilitate monitoring and controlling several ARRI cameras on multicam productions. This mobile application is the only one available that can help professionals perform these procedures on multiple ARRI cameras at once.

How does it work?

With a friendly and intuitive UI, CineControl Multicam is simple to use and can lead to an easier and more optimized workflow. The app benefits its users of complete control over the most frequently used camera settings of an ARRI camera.

In comparison to CineControl for ARRI which is designed to control a single camera at a time in both host and client (network infrastructure mode), CineControl Multicam for ARRI is designed for controlling multiple ARRI cameras at the same time - possible only via the client/network infrastructure connection mode.

CineControl Multicam features

CineControl Multicam is compatible with ARRI ALEXA Mini, ARRI ALEXA Mini LF and ARRI AMIRA cameras and it works efficiently even when they are placed on a crane, dolly, gimbal or in various tight spots like the interior of a car for example.

Key Features

Control multiple camera

Controlling and modifying settings of your compatible ARRI cameras is just one simple tap away.

Copy and apply settings

Apply settings from one camera to another.


Use both color wheel and slider controls. Modify, save and share looks. Install new looks.


Playback allows you to remotely playback clips on each camera.


Download CineControl Multicam for iPad here.

About CineGizmo

CineGizmo is a film tech start-up based in Timisoara, Romania. We specialize in creating innovative and ground-breaking mobile, desktop, and cloud-based solutions for the professional film industry.

Our solutions control and integrate with selected ARRI cameras, sync with our cloud service and close the gap between the production team and the editing room by fully integrating with professional postproduction pipelines.

The full version of CineControl Multicam is available for free while in beta version (* beta will end soon).

To find out more details about the app and technical steps For more information, please contact +40 773 813 113,, or visit

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